Duty Roster

Priory Sailing Club schedules many of the important roles that keep the club running smoothly, such as Officer of the Day, Safety Boat and Race Officer, using Dutyman software.

Each adult member of our club is required to assist in the smooth operation of the club by completing at least one duty per year.  Families and couples are required to carry out two duties. These duties can be either as Officer of the Day (OOD) or, if you are a member of our Safety Boat team, as a Safety Boat driver (they do three duties each!).  Members can opt out of these duties, in exchange for a fee of £25 which is normally paid with their subscription. If you are a new member, i.e. joined the club this year or late last season, you are not required to do a duty this season.

Race Officer duties are shared out amongst those members who participate in racing and are separate from the requirement to complete an OOD or Safety Boat duty.

Our rotas are managed using Dutyman.

The Dutyman software package makes scheduling the rotas very straightforward, allowing those on the rota to choose the dates they would like to be on duty. Once chosen, email reminders of duties are sent out automatically which has significantly reduced the number of missed duties. The package will even manage ‘swaps’ if you discover that you can no longer cover the dates originally selected, again this cuts down on missed duties.

Members are asked to self-select the date(s) that they would like to be on duty. Hopefully this will mean less need to arrange swaps, although this will of course remain an option should their plans change.

The Roster is open so you can sign up now! If you can’t remember your Dutyman login details then please go to –


  • where you can click for a login reminder.

Normally members will have made their selections by the end of April. After that we will allocate the vacant duties to those who haven’t completed their selections.

To access Dutyman, login here.

Once you have logged in, here is how you sign up for a duty –
    • Click on the Roster (top left)
    • Click on List View
    • Select ‘Volunteer for a duty’ (on the home page, right pane)
    • Select the date that you want to be the OOD (available dates show as ‘Volunteer required’) and follow the instructions in the right hand pane.
    • You will need to select and confirm each date one at a time if you are volunteering for two duties as a Family member.