Personal Handicaps

PSC operates a personal handicap system which is applied in the Icicle, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Frostbite Series only.

A sailor who wins a series will have 15 points deducted from their PY number in the next series. Second place will be deducted 10 points and third place will be deducted  5 points. These deductions will be reduced by 5 points in each subsequent series that a sailor does not finish in the top three places.

The sailor with the highest personal handicap is awarded the “Personal Handicap Cup” in recognition of their achievements.

The personal handicap applies to whatever boat the sailor is sailing and will be carried forward to the next Series covered by the scheme.

Personal Handicaps @ 3rd April 2022

Tony O 30
Joby E 25
John E 25
Jeremy E 20
Tim G 20
Daniel McG 10
Pascale H 10
Rupert K 5

Personal Handicaps @ 1st January 2022

Tony O 35
Joby E 30
John E 30
Daniel M 15
Jeremy E 15
Rupert K 10
Ben R 5
Paul W 5
Tim G 5

Personal Handicaps @ 1st November 2021

Tony O 40
Joby E 35
Daniel M 20
John E 20
Rupert K 15
Ben R 10
Tim G 10
Pascale H 5